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Are you looking for a suitable trophy for your next event?
No matter what achievement you want to award - at Schwertner you will find it. We offer unique trophies that make great prizes for tournaments in soccer, golf or any other occasion. You can configure your items individually or add them to your shopping cart right away. Now buy trophies online!

Where does the term "cup" come from?

Affectionately called "cups" in colloquial language, goblets, in their original form, are reminiscent of the widespread, cup-like Roman glasses. This is proven by the word's Italian origin. Boccale means something like a bulbous drinking vessel. Even today, people still like to drink from goblets. Exuberant victory celebrations in team sports, which are celebrated with a victory drink from the cup, are not uncommon.

Award for sporting achievements

The actual purpose of the trophy is to crown a (usually sporting) success - such as golf, football or simply as a gift to honour someone in particular. Cups and trophies honour the achievements of winners and are usually reserved only for the top three on the winners' podium.
As an alternative to cups, we also offer medals in gold, silver or bronze in our online shop .

Buy cups at Schwertner

Cups have a long tradition at Schwertner. The first models were designed and screwed together in the 1970s. The first trophy catalogues appeared at the same time. Legendary status was achieved by the unique Krainer Cup, which was donated by the then Governor of Styria Josef Krainer. A cup of enormous size, consisting of wood and metal elements. Together with green and white ribbons on the goblet, this unmistakable trophy was known and appreciated far beyond our national borders.

Schwertner still sells its " Signs for Winners" to this day. In addition to the shop at the ancestral seat in the Georgigasse in Graz, trophies and sports awards have also been available online in the shop for several years. No matter how you buy your trophy from us, we offer you a lot of experience, the best service and favourable prices.

Our selection of trophies

So that you can really choose the best for the best, Schwerter offers you full service in the online shop: Namely, a strong selection of unique trophies with modern accents.

Cups are available in a wide range of sizes, with or without individual stickers. Some series are even available in up to 10 different size gradations. In addition to the classic cups, the range extends from extremely inexpensive children's cups, models with modern shapes and colour accents to the impressive challenge cup with solid handles and lid.

A large number of the trophy models can be designed with emblem inserts for numerous sports, such as football, skiing, tennis, swimming, golf or darts. A dedication on the base adds a personal touch to the trophies .

Don't waste any more time searching, take advantage of the large selection in the Schwertner online shop. Order trophies for winners today!


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